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Managing Workplace Emotions
You can't change conflict and opposing points of view in the workplace. You can, however, change the way you react. Become more emotionally aware, harness your emotions and express them positively with control, confidence and composure.
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Conflict Resolution for the Workplace
Successful conflict resolvers are not born; they are trained. Build your skills as an effective conflict resolver and mediator. Learn to recognize conflict patterns and what triggers and escalates conflict in others, master strategies that reduce conflict escalation, assert yourself confidently and give constructive feedback. These skills will help you work more productively and harmoniously with clients, colleagues and superiors. See Course Outline.
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My story straw to gold
We live our life forwards, yet read it backwards. Discover the unique story that your life makes as you reflect on where your desires, struggles, and insights have taken you. Learn to use free-fall writing, guided meditation, and discussion to put your conflicts into a bigger picture and see yourself as the hero/heroine in your own wandering journey even as it is happening. No previous writing experience is necessary.
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Entangled Enchantments

Entangled Enchantments
My very first collection of poetry. These poems celebrate my journey on the uncharted waters of the feminine. For your very own copy purchase at Cafe Books, Canmore, or Pages in Kensington, Calgary or contact

Sunday, November 23, 2008

North Vietnam

Well we are totally into our bike trip now. There were a couple of miracles in Sapa, the cold damp place, the hotel provided us with a heater which looked like a fan but had a white lamp in the middle that actually provided us with some heat. The day we cycled over the pass the cloud cleared and the landscape looked like a chinese painting, sun glinting off the paddy fields and the clouds. The pass was steep this was followed by a wondrous long downhill through idyllic concical peaks. We spend last night in an communist extravaganza and this morning we woke up to the sounds of the party broadcast to wake up all the good citizens and entice them to work for the party. At least that is what I imagined.

It was only this am we left the place - I am not sure of names anymore - I only know that wherever I go there I am! So here I am in a place that will not be here in a few years because the govt is building a damn and it will be 50 metres under water. It was a beautiful ride, in the few days of the trip we have climbed 4,800 feet, 4200 feet and today was a mere 3,200 feet and 110 kms. So my knees are taking on a new shape or is it my bum which I am sure will never be the same again!

It was a beautiful ride today with great stops for coffee, lunch and even afternoon tea. The locals hill women are spectacularly dressed and really know how to have babies and look after them. Although GUTTER IMMUNISATION takes on a whole new meaning. The kids all look healthy although not very clean. There is lots of healthy food again not to mention families of little piglets running around.

The biking has been great, the tarmac interupted in place with great dust bowls and the silence interupted with huge trucks baring down on us. While we are breathing so heavily the dust is certainly a challenge.

Tomorrow we head to the place of the decisive battle where the vietnamese chucked out the French in I think 1954 but I will definately know more about it tomorrow once I have cycled 106 kms to get there!! Oh my poor knees. Then we the following day we head to the border and over to LAOS.
There is a line up for the internet so I will go now and sleep. Well at least lay horizontal.

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