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Managing Workplace Emotions
You can't change conflict and opposing points of view in the workplace. You can, however, change the way you react. Become more emotionally aware, harness your emotions and express them positively with control, confidence and composure.
Thursday April 23 2020 12.30pm -3.30pm

Conflict Resolution for the Workplace
Successful conflict resolvers are not born; they are trained. Build your skills as an effective conflict resolver and mediator. Learn to recognize conflict patterns and what triggers and escalates conflict in others, master strategies that reduce conflict escalation, assert yourself confidently and give constructive feedback. These skills will help you work more productively and harmoniously with clients, colleagues and superiors. See Course Outline.
Instructor: Wilma Rubens - see Instructor Profile

Fridays 1st 8th May 2020 9.00 - 4.00pm

My story straw to gold
We live our life forwards, yet read it backwards. Discover the unique story that your life makes as you reflect on where your desires, struggles, and insights have taken you. Learn to use free-fall writing, guided meditation, and discussion to put your conflicts into a bigger picture and see yourself as the hero/heroine in your own wandering journey even as it is happening. No previous writing experience is necessary.
Read Course Reviews. Instructor: Wilma Rubens - see Instructor Profile

Entangled Enchantments

Entangled Enchantments
My very first collection of poetry. These poems celebrate my journey on the uncharted waters of the feminine. For your very own copy purchase at Cafe Books, Canmore, or Pages in Kensington, Calgary or contact

Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympic Extravaganza

I watched the cross country sprints today, men and women, like two races for the price of one. Under spectacular blue skies and cryal clear mountains I watched a men and women bust their guts for the glory of an olympic gold medal.
I have to tell you that this was a new experience for me. I was not on the edge of my seat wondering who was going to blow their knees or break their legs or fly through the finish with a concussion, no I sat there enjoying people pit themselves against athelets from different countries.

During the break, before the finals I wandered through the happy crowd all sporting their countries colours, Russians in elegant Red and White suits, many Swedes in blue and yellow, Norwegians dressed as vikings, Polish people in their national dress, Canadian Thomas Grandi and competior Sara Renner's two year old daughter sliding down the snow bank below a Canmore flag and a couple of canadian girls sing their hearts out. We bumped into old friends and then sauntered back to the stands to watch the finals. Canadian Men came in 4th and the woman came in 7th. It was a day to rememeber, a day when the world all got along and lived in harmony. Vive the Olympics

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