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Entangled Enchantments
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Friday, January 29, 2010

More and More Cheering On

Congratulations to Shona skiing with the worlds fastest skiers in St Moritz in Super combined race, one run of Super G and one of Salom. A great test of athleticism. She finished 10Th. The best result of her career to date and as she says "It is a great confidence booster heading into the Olympics. She is looking forward to returning to Canmore on Monday after another couple of races, downhill and super g. Good Luck and May all your wildest dreams come true.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


We are all delighted to cheer on Shona in the 2010 Winter Olympics at Whistler. Awesome job

It takes parents and village to raise a ski racer. Here is Daniel, Shona's sponsor from Bombardier, at a function at Lake Louise Dec 2009.

And behind the scenes more of the village, techs Mullie, Pavel, trainer Craig, many coaches Patrick, Mark, Jim, Rob and Jan, and physio Steph. Then there are a whole community of volunteers and sled dogs all out there making sure the course is as safe as possible for these high powered skiers. A big thanks to everyone.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cheer on or Cheer up.

The road to the Olympics for athletes and their parents is not paved with gold but broken bones, injured teammates, tears and sweat.

It was only in October I watched Shona full of optimism and determination race in the first World Cup GS of the season in Solden, Austria. The razzmatazz of fan clubs and their brass bands, loud commentary, blue sky and sun was terrific. It was exciting to see Shona soar down through the gates over the steep icy pitch and through the finish line. Then she doubled up, clutching her arm, and rocked. "She's hurt," my husband said. I lost all interest in the race, focused on my distant daughter behind many security fences, in a sea of coaches, press and other officials. By the time she reached us, tears streamed over her flushed cheeks, her hand clenched tight to her chest. I leaned over the fence to hug her. Between the tears she muttered "I hit a gate on the pitch, after that all I could think of was the pain."

Back in Calgary x-rays revealed a broken second metacarpal.

Seven weeks later she was racing at the world cup at Lake Louise her first real downhill for several years. Another week of frustration and challenge. Her best result came on the last day, 26th in Super G. Only a few seconds off the leader, but in Ski Racing milliseconds determines success.
From Lake Louise she zoomed off to Europe and a steady stream of races, GS, Salom, Downhill, Super G from my distant stance it felt like she was racing every day. Two of her teammates had serious knee injuries that sadly ended their dreams of Olympics2010. And the pressure mounted.

In a lighter moment we opened our Christmas gifts on skype and we appreciated the beautiful personal book of photographs she had created for us. It was no holiday for her, presents opened after early morning training.

Maribor, Slovenia, Val d'sere, Haus, Night slalom's and on it went race after race until January. 5 days at Cortina, 2 training days, two downhill, a super g and a GS. On the last day she had a break through. After starting in the fifties she finished the first run in 30th position and the second run, even after a fall finished 23rd spot.

That was Sunday. Now on Tuesday we wait to hear if she has made the Olympic team. It is not over until it is over!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Week That Was

Maybe it's because I am older but these weeks just seem to fly past like streaks of lightening full of starlight moments. Last Saturday we drummed to celebrate Peter Roginski's fiftieth birthday. Sunday found me breathing one inhale and exhale at a time in numerous downward dogs at the Yoga Lounge. Then a couple of quick rounds of x country skiing at the Nordic Centre.

Tuesday Clive and I buzzed up to Hidden Lake from the Lake Louise ski resort on our backcountry skis.

Wednesday my enthusiastic x country ski teacher, Jeannie tried her best to move me on from years of "shuffle and sniffle" to more elegant and efficient "stride and glide."

That afternoon Canmore caught Olympic Fever as the entire community celebrated a perfect warm winter day, the Olympic torch and the many Olympic athletes from this little town in the Rockies.

Followed by a couple of noteable birthdays. Shona's boyfriend Andrew unwrapped his surprise and was delighted by a Yamaha guitar. Thursday it was little Noah's first birthday celebrated in fine style in the Hot Pools at Banff.

Friday a big day of sucking air and it was very cold air all the way to the summit of Crowfoot Peak with Clive and Brian McBroom. I have to say Saturday was recovery day. Time to restore in the yoga lounge.

That brings me around to day. We found out first thing that Shona had finally achieved her goal of making a second run in the world cup GS in Cortina. Clive and I are delighted with her 23rd spot gained through untold hard work, determination and her father's go faster genes! Oh yes and buckets of stress management. Maybe she will write a book one day about living in the pressure cooker of elite sport. And tomorrow Alpine Canada announces the Olympic Team so keep watching this spot!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Faceshots in the Rockies

Marg Rees hollering in waist deep powder at Observation Peak A great trip with Brian McBroom, Doug Sims and Clive Rubens. The powder was totally unexpected. The weather forecast predicted flurries! How could they get it so wrong! Any we had talked to Christopher last night. He was exhausted after being up all night moving mountains of melting snow away from his concrete foundations. The water was pouring into his basement. Apparently it was pouring rain in Revelstoke and dumping higher up. He seems to have things under control. But generally there is not much precipitation left by the time it hits the Rockies but this time we were in luck.

I try to look cool in the powder. Pretend I can ski it.

Back at the explorer. A rare day in the rockies breaking the snow drought of the last few weeks AND it was warm and wet.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mountain Surprise

Temple and Haddo from Saddleback Pass

The sun shines, almost and the up trail beckons

No sign of our pass it is tucked out of sight on the right

The view of Aberdeen on the way up the pass

Near the top of surprise pass. How come the photos don't look as steep as it was?

Sweating it out to the top followed by my trusty photographer, Clive

The four young dudes whose trail we followed dissappear into the abyss while I contemplate premature death.

Surprise - where is the waist deep powder? It is wind blown crust.

Further down it is breakable crust

Looking back up to Surprise Pass

Man this is big country.

There is Lake Louise, still away down there.

Yeah I survived and now have bragging rights. You can just see the pass. I haven't figured out how to put an arrow on my photos. But it is up there above that little wispy cloud amongst those jagged peaks. WOW!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Presents

So after all this backcountry excitment, at Shona's insistence we opened our gifts on Skype for our first ever cyber christmas. Shona was in Austria and had patiently waited all day (after training) until we were all awake in Revelstoke. Her big gift to us is a Book "A year in the life of - 2009" -a spectacular collection of the families photographs and trips including some of hers from New Zealand, some of Chris's from Chile, Clive's bike trip from hell in Kamloops and exotic pictures of our wonderful Rockies back yard.
After we had opened a heap load of books it was time to head to the Revelstoke ski hill in perfect weather and great snow. As the turkey slowly cooked in the oven Clive, Chris and I raced down the mountain over and over again. The views were staggering and the weather perfect. What a great great Christmas. A Big Thanks to Chris and Shona for making it so fantastic.

Waiting on Turkey and other good stuff to eat.

Bragging Rights to Avalanche Crest

Definately some kangaroo hops in this boys blood although I don't suppose a kangaroo ever really saw snow. Exuberance in a body.

Yeah I can actually link a few turns. Yahoo

Clive - has the original go faster genes that he generously passed on to his kids.

POWDER - note smith goggles and Salomon suit and gear - thanks to the sponsors

Ohmigod these trees are tight.

My son dug a pit and said that the top foot might slough off but not to worry just turn from side to side. Yikes I thought I was going to die! Still the first couple of turns were good then into the abyss. I hoped he remembered there was no way I could fly off a cliff. My limbs are definately firmly attached to the earth.

There's the road - a way down there! Suddenly I remembered the last time I had skied with Chris at Whistler when I tumbled head over heels down a vertical slope for what felt like an eternity. And here I was again - too late!

It was a spectacular up track. I love blue sky days particularly on Christmas eve. Funny there did not seem to any Malls within a 100 Kilometres. I like it.

Chris ambling up the mountain with great ease while I suck great globs of air and feel like my lungs are about to explode.

Fun in the back country

Purple Bowl, Clifton, John, Wilma and Peter, Jan 3rd

Clifton and Wapta Mountains in the background

Helen Lake on the 2nd Jan Wilma and Brian McBroom

Clive on Tent Ridge Kanaskis country

Wilma on Tent Ridge with Spray Lake in the background

Allison's Wedding bridging Canada and Costa Rica

Searching for the garter - I think she likes it.

The happy couple

Feeding her hubby the cake

Radiant bride

David,Liz Collins, Alison, David and his mother and her husband