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ONLINE Writing The Seasons
Tuesdays10am-12pm June 8, 2021 (4 weeks)
Our life patterns journey around in cycles and spirals. The season’s rhythms summer, fall, winter, and spring provide inspiration for self-reflection, to celebrate personal insights, enhance our creativity, claim our unique wisdom and unlock our muse. This will enrich our lives, nourish and develop our courage as writers.
This is an interactive online class using the Zoom web platform.
Manage Your Workplace Emotions
You can't change conflict and opposing points of view in the workplace. You can, however, change the way you react. Become more emotionally aware, harness your emotions and express them positively with control, confidence and composure.
Friday 7th May 1.00pm -4.00pm

Conflict Resolution for the Workplace
Successful conflict resolvers are not born; they are trained. Build your skills as an effective conflict resolver and mediator. Learn to recognize conflict patterns and what triggers and escalates conflict in others, master strategies that reduce conflict escalation, assert yourself confidently and give constructive feedback. These skills will help you work more productively and harmoniously with clients, colleagues and superiors. See Course Outline.
Instructor: Wilma Rubens - see Instructor Profile

Fridays 4th 11th June 2021 9.00 - 4.00pm

Entangled Enchantments

Entangled Enchantments
My very first collection of poetry. These poems celebrate my journey on the uncharted waters of the feminine. For your very own copy purchase at Cafe Books, Canmore, or Pages in Kensington, Calgary or contact

Thursday, April 22, 2021


I have spent a lifetime searching for an alternative to patriarchally certainties, that God above judged me for my very existence, as I sought for softer, more loving, more creative ways. 

I thought the answer somewhere hidden in the yoga texts, the words from yoga gurus. Something outside myself to validate who I am.

In the stillness I felt a faint fluttering in my heart, a tugging of my memory, a remembrance that I am light.

Way back in the seventies when I lived in India I bought a ring, a star ruby. When I held it in the in the sun a sparkling 6 pointed star appeared. It's brilliance, it's beauty revealed when I consciously held it to the light of the sun.

This is my story to remember - that the light in my heart is my truth and shining my light reveals, connects to the light in others.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Seasonal Insights - “The mountains shall bring peace to the people.”

This morning white snowflakes silently float as I stretch into downward dog. Winter continues as I bike down Cougar Creek, my face, hands and feet freezing. The bike track covered in mud.   Large slabs of ice float down the river show me spring is on the way.

Saturday, twenty of us masked, with only our puckered foreheads showing, stood at the edge of the undeveloped forest to protest TSMV development. A couple of First Nation’s people arrived to offer prayers on their ancestral lands stolen from them so long ago. My friend said she cried, while my trembling heart tingled.

 Later that day in a frosty funk, my arms crossed, biting my lips I walked around Silvertip golf course where the forest is being cut down to make way for huge properties for part-time owners.

I owe my life to Mother Earth. Today on my first bike ride of spring, I spontaneously burst into the Om Tara chant - Tara the Tibetan Goddess who dispels fear and grants bounty. The ancient Goddess understands destruction and regeneration. I look over the sun sparkled river to the grey tree trunks lying in a tangled pile. I am aware that She, I and all beings are intertwined. She provides me food, water, land to bike, hike and ski on.

 This pandemic year city dwellers have flocked to the mountains intuitively knowing nature is the source of health and vitality.

 At this time of Climate emergency, ecosystems are being destroyed faster than any other time on the planet. I must to speak out on her behalf;

·        - to protect the animals, forests and mountains that brought me to Canmore,

·        - to pass on this beautiful environment to my unborn grandchild,

·         -and to remind us all to collectively work toward a sustainable lifestyle that honours and protects the land, animals, soil and water.

This spring solstice day, the balance dark and of daylight reminds me dark times don’t last. The sun bursts out from the snow cloud to encourage the spring melt, and our community responsibility as stewards of the land and wildlife.  It will be a while before the summer breezes and wild roses bloom in the valley. Let’s predict it brings a rejection of the TSMV proposals. The recently renamed mountain Bald Eagle implores us to have a bold farsighted vision, the courage to take action and to leave a legacy for future generations.