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Entangled Enchantments
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Friday, November 27, 2009

A spring-november day in the Rockies

Unexpected sunshine, mild temperatures, once in 10 year snow pack made for an awesome day up in Arethusa cirque, near Highwood Pass. We had to get their before they close the road at the beginning of December. None of us can quite believe it is still only November. We were up there with Rob and Bev Mackenzie, Everett and Brian McBroom. A day to remember for sure.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day at Ludvik's fantasy castle, Bavaria, Germany

Clive and Shona at the bridge, nature lover King Ludvik built to view the gorge.

The castle that inspired Walt Disney to build his fantasy castle. King Ludvic was found drowned in the lake under suspicious circumstance. He only spend 172 days in his castle and slept alone in his bed (he was not married the guide told us in all seriousness). It took 14 craftsmen and 4 years to build his bedroom. Now I think he must had a few enemies. Shortly after his death in the 18th century the castle was open to the public and was a great historical theme park.

Next door to fantasy castle, just a 10 minute walk away was the castle that he was born and brought up in. Now why would ludvic need another castle? I don't get it.

Ludvik did appreciate the magnifcent scenery around his castles. I think he liked climb to the highest turret and sing "I am the king of the castle and you're the dirty rascal!"

Me and Shona at the first castle. Note the cast that put an end to skiing in Austria. Our next stop was Munich Airport. Shona returned to Canmore the next day and Clive and I drove back to France.

First World Cup GS at SOLDEN, AUSTRIA

The race course on a glacier. Two weeks before it was a black glacier. Oh the power of mother nature.

There were 5 canadians in the race, only two in the top 30. It is practically impossible to reach the top 30 from the back of the pack. The course by the time our athletes raced was breaking up and had major ruts. When Shona hit a gate at the top of the pitch, the race was essential over although she did finish. She exploded her second metacarpal. Note the fan clubs each with their own brass bands and clouds of smoke. They did not need to be told "to make more noise."

Start List - what an experience for our young Canadian women to compete with the best in the world.

Clive and I visited the Salomon shop and spied behind some shelves a picture of Chris. How cool was that? Two international atheletes in the family.

Shona in the tech room. All the skis have names. Shona's were spirit channeller.

Day 2 Road from Italy to Solden

We climbed up,up and upsome more, stopped at the top and nearly got stuck again. Then popped through a tunnel and entered Austria. Unbelievable.

The road to Solden, Austria

Lake Garda, Italy
Lakeside town note the bourganvillia
Lemon tree by the Lake
Life is an endless adventure
We left France and crossed the little St Bernard Pass. We stopped the car here and almost got stuck. So instead of heading over more mountain passes we took the autostrada through Italy

Friday, November 6, 2009

Behind with my blog

I had such a busy three weeks in Europe I did not have time to blog. I have been back for a week in Canada desperately jet lagged, sneezing and coughing with work to do. Slowly but surely I am returning to my normal health and vigor.

Our first stop was Geneva where Fred, Alison,(university friends) Clive and I piled into a hired car and headed to Chamonix with magnificent views of Mont Blanc and 11 kilometers through the bowels of the mountain to Italy! I was amazed at the audacity of the plan, a tunnel through the highest mountain in Europe. After a short drive down the valley towards Asota we turned sharp right up a gazillion bends to the Little Saint Bernard Pass scattered with centuries military remains. A short drive from the pass found us in La Rosiere a French ski resort and Alison's brothers ski chalet. Perched high on a mountain side with distant views over waves of mountains to the west.

We spent 6 days hiking over the mountains, passes, through ancient villages and golden larches. Spectacular.

Clive and I picked up another hired car and headed to Solden, Austria and the first world cup GS of the season to "cheer on or cheer up" our daughter Shona and 4 of her teammates.

We were shocked to drive back over the Little St Bernard Pass to Italy to find that there was about 2 inches of ice on the road and our tyres were definitely not winter tyres. We had to abort our plan of driving over more passes through Switzerland to Austria and headed to the Autostrada to Milan and then north to Austria. This was easy although cars zipped past us at probably 200 k per hour!

What fun to find Lake Garda with a lovely little Italian village by the lake side very romantic and beautiful. The road along the lake side blew us away. The Italians sure like their tunnels! Any excuse. Incredible.

After a pleasant stop we headed over a high pass, 2558 metre to Solden. Well the road climbed up an alpine valley with green field, picturesque chalets, higher and higher until we could see it soaring vertically above us on a steep snow slope then it disappeared into a tunnel and through to Austria.

By the time we arrived in Solden my brain was fried with French, Italian and then German all in 24 hours.
To be continued shortly I promise.