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Entangled Enchantments
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympic Extravaganza

I watched the cross country sprints today, men and women, like two races for the price of one. Under spectacular blue skies and cryal clear mountains I watched a men and women bust their guts for the glory of an olympic gold medal.
I have to tell you that this was a new experience for me. I was not on the edge of my seat wondering who was going to blow their knees or break their legs or fly through the finish with a concussion, no I sat there enjoying people pit themselves against athelets from different countries.

During the break, before the finals I wandered through the happy crowd all sporting their countries colours, Russians in elegant Red and White suits, many Swedes in blue and yellow, Norwegians dressed as vikings, Polish people in their national dress, Canadian Thomas Grandi and competior Sara Renner's two year old daughter sliding down the snow bank below a Canmore flag and a couple of canadian girls sing their hearts out. We bumped into old friends and then sauntered back to the stands to watch the finals. Canadian Men came in 4th and the woman came in 7th. It was a day to rememeber, a day when the world all got along and lived in harmony. Vive the Olympics

Friday, February 19, 2010

Super G

Shona races super g tomorrow not exactly sure what time 10.00???? The weather is looking great. Super G is not quite so long as downhill and the turns a little tighter.

Then again on Wednesday GS

Whistler Rocks!

I am just pleased to rest my legs on a chair in front of a computer. Clive and I had a day off from being a spectactator which incidently is not really me. It was a spectacular day here and we skied. I had forgotten how extensive the terrain is here. We spent the morning up on the Peak Chair. We even skied down to view the downhill courses close at hand. My god they look oh so steep and icy! Then we soared over the valley on the new Peak to Peak gondola. What fantastic views. We could not resist skiing on Blackhome glacier. Man it is impressive, big mountain scenery. I felt that this area almost makes Lake Louise look like a bunny hill!!

Yesterday was another spectacular race day. Pleasant viewing, soaking up the sunshine! The downhill race was about 30 secs shorter than the day before, they course workers had shaved off the jump near the finish that caused 3 crashes on Wednesday. I was not sitting on the edge of my seat.Shona came in 16th. Then we waited for the second run of Slalom which is almost pleasant to watch.Great skiing by the worlds toughest skiers. Shona came in 12 place, top Canadian. After the race she signed autographs, posed for photos and walked down the hill with us. She was interviewed by CTV and I will post the interview on this blog soon!

I was hanging out and my friends Marlie and Steve walked by. We had a fine time drinking Chardonnay and catching up on our lives.

Then is was off to the Victory Ceremonies - but then Shona called from Canada House. This is situated in the Whistler Library and for Families and friends. So we left all the ra ra. Chris joined Clive, Andrew, Shona, Helen and myself for diner in Earls.

Now I know why I feel tired. Still skiing up on top of the mountains reminded me why I am at the Olympics watching ski racing. Strange places passion takes me.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Speed, crashes and sunshine

Shona raced today under bluebird Whistler skies. Chris joined us. Too many girls crashed and my resolve to stay calm cool and collected did not succeed. Just before she raced, there was a long hold as racer 35 was hauled out of the nets and helicoptered off the mountain, I paced nervously into the crowd trying to breath out my butterflies. Then there she was on the jumbatron and I surrounded by some neat ladies from toronto. The crowd cheered and I rang my cowbell furiously while looking at the speeding figure on the screen. I did manage to think that she looked solid and was not about to fall and give me a heart attack. She finished in 21 st place - I was happy and all the toronto ladies sporting canadian flags hugged me "You must be so proud." they said. I said "Well I feel relieved." I think even Chris felt nervous!

Afterwards we stood around an talked to our Shona while a young girl stared at her and her mother took her picture with Shona! Shona the ski princess, dissappeared up to her private house and chef and we the family treked back to the village on the shuttle bus and drank at the Canada House for family and friends. It is set up in the Whistler Library - all the books off the shelves and in a big box in the middle of the room! The intention is a place for us to hang out so that we don't disturb our atheletes and allow them the space to do what they have to do.

And yeah we get to do it all again tomorrow - except Chris is off filming somewhere up in the snow and the sun.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ra Ra for Shona

Looks like it is a go for the womens downhill tomorrow! Chris is on his way!
Shona and Andrew went free skiing today in the fresh powder. How revolutionary is that?
Meanwhile I enjoyed suning myself on the beach in Vancouver, breathing in the earth musk, new daffodil fragrance and sea air. Oh so nice! Then up the new road to Squamish. This is one beautiful part of the world! Mist, high forests, snow capped mountains, islands and sea.

Any day now I'll manage to put some photos on here!! Just for today I was suffering from pre race nerves but hopefully they'll transform into excitment!

Monday, February 15, 2010

True colours

Well not much action for Shona yet. Hopefully she had a training run today and will race the downhill on Wednesday and the supercombined on Thursday.

Meanwhile here in Vancouver Canadian show their true colours. The streets are jammed with Canadians wearing Canadian flags, hats, scarfs, sweatshirts. There is a totally different feel than Torino with lots of free entertainment in plaza's and squares around the city. Today in Canada House in The Bay, a place for friends and family of the athletes, we sat across from Mr Chretian and his wife and watched as he was fitted for an Olympic Jacket.

Yesterday at the Victory Ceremony in BC place I saw an old ski racing mom Marlie Burtt and her daughters! A small world!

And tonight we head back to BC Place to see Bilodeaux get his gold medal. This will be a historic moment.

Funnily today I chose to wear a turquoise sweater and felt I was unpatriotic! So I am about to change put on my true colours and go paint the town red with parents of Olympic parents, and cheer the Bilodeaux and their extraordinary Canadian Family. Go Canada Go.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let the games begin

The opening cermonies were fantastic. As we were sitting patiently waiting for them to begin the phone rang. It was Shona. "We are on our way. It is pouring with rain. We are on the Sea to Sky Highway with a police and helicopter escort! We only found out at 3 pm that we were coming!" The stadium erupted when the Canadian team walked on. The highlight was K.D Laing singing Halelujah.

The air here in vancouver is literally filled with with druming, shouts of joy and Canadian Pride.

Unfortunately the weather is too warm in Whistler and Shona's first event has been cancelled. So the hurry up and wait game is on. Still here is Vanvouver there are lots of interesting things too do. We are parents of the athletes are being treated well, beautiful hotel and tonnes of food. I like it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Canada's Speed Team

Here is Patrick, Head Coach, Emily Brydon, Britt Janek and Shona Rubens all smiles and so proud to represent their country at Whistler 2010.


14th FEB SUPER COMBINED 10 am 1 run super G and 13.00 1 run slalom
17th FEB DOWNHILL 11am one run only
20th FEB SUPER G 10 am one run only
24th FEB GIANT SLALOM 10 am first run, second run 13.15

Best World Cup Results this season
Super combined 10th
Downhill 35th
Super G 18th
GS 23rd

Canmore Olympic Parade and Presentation

Shona and Chandra wave as the Parade is about to get going. They are surrounded by cross country sking Olympians.
80 truck loads of snow were deposited in the main street and track set. Here the Olympic parade dissappears around the corner. Shona said that the cheering was deafening as they walked between the crowds.

Here the Olympians and future Olympians listen to great moving speeches from the Mayor, MLA and Thomas Grandi 4 time olympian. He told them the great Canmore Community would love them no matter what happens in Vancouver. Just as well as his wife is Sara Renner who won the bronze medal at the World Cup on saturday.

Holding up all the great posters the school kids did to cheer on the Olympic Atheletes. It was a day we felt so proud and amazed with our daughter and to be part of such a great great small town. And we sent them to Vancouver with GO CANADA GO ringing in their ears.

Canmore sends off her Olympians with love

Lenore Harris collected warm wishes from friends in Canmore
Shona, Clive, Lenore and Stephen Harris

Shona proudly displays the flag
Outside Me, Shona and Lenore on a warm sunny Canmore February day

Shona and Stephen

Canmore Shines

What a great day at the World Cup Nordic Race on Saturday. Under perfect bluebird skies our local Canmore mom Sara Renner won a bronze medal in the women's sprints. The roar from the crowd I am sure could be heard all around Canada and beyond.

And we live here - how lucky is that!

The world cup women take their positions.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

With glowing hearts

My yoga buddies, Lenore, Marg, Mary Jane, Marlene, Carole all clapped as Shona and Andrew came into the Bagel Company today. I was reminded that I never set out to raise an Olympic athlete. Twenty years ago as a new immigrant I knew nothing about ski racing I put my kids in the program so that Clive and I could go skiing. And then Sunshine Village Ski Club became a place where we all had friends and a great escape from the city. When the club put on a ski race when it was minus 25 I thought either they were totally crazy or if we could do this then using our collective power as humans anything was possible. And so our family became part of the ski racing village, a passionate community where everyone pitched in. A great opportunity for Lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs to shovel snow and put up safety fences. Back then we parents talked about the high costs of ski racing as mall insurance.

I am sure our communal Alberta Ski racing heart is glowing as four racers head off to Whistler, Jan Hudec, Trevor White, Brad Spence and Shona Rubens. Unfortunately the last years world champion, John Kucera will not be amongst his peers representing this great country but working his butt off doing rehab in the gym.

For me Shona and her 21 teammates are already winners. These young folk are dedicated, hard working and passionate athletes. And I for one am filled with gratitude for the privilege of watching them participate with the best of the world. I am sure you'll hear our cheering from Whistler up in the Rockies.

GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE CANADIAN OLYMPIANS, especially those from Alberta and in particular my beautiful daughter Shona.

Shona is racing in
Sun 14th Women's Super Combined,
Wed 17th Women's Downhill,
Sat 20th Women's Super G
Wed 24th Women's GS